19.06.2013 Sebastian Junges: On Groebner Bases in the Context of Satisfiability-Modulo-Theories Solving over the Real Numbers
05.06.2013 Marcus Gelderie: Strategy Machines for Mean Payoff Parity Games and Mean Penalty Parity Games
25.05.2013 Promotions-CAFE: Quo Vadis, doctor?“Nach der Promotions ab in ABB Forschungszentrum”
17.05.2013 Promotions-CAFE: Quo Vadis, doctor? “Nach der Promotion zu Generali Informatik”
17.05.2013 Festkolloquium anlässlich des 80. Geburtstags von Prof. Dr. Walter Oberschelp
15.05.2013 Andreas Tönnes: Improved Online Algorithms for Secretary Problems on Graphs and Hypergraphs
23.04.2012, AH3 Informatik-Oberseminar
Dipl.-Inform. Diana Fischer
: The Quantitative mu-Calculus
24.04.2013 James Worrel (University of Oxford):The Positivity Problem for Low-Order Linear Recurrence Sequences
13.03.2013 Katrin Hölldobler: Development of Transformation Languages
04.03.2013 Promotions-CAFE: “Vereinbarkeit von Wissenschaftsberuf und Familie”
06.03.2013 Sabrina von Styp: Automatic Test-Case Derivation and Execution in Industrial Control
06.02.2013 Ulrich Loup: A Symbiosis of Interval Constraint Propagation and Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition
20.02.2013 Marcus Gelderie: Strategy Composition in Compositional Games
02.02 Exkursion@Informatik
16.01.2013 Daniel Neider: Learning Minimal Deterministic Automata from Inexperienced Teachers
12.12. Promotions-CAFE
11.12. Christmas Party. Start: 18.00 Room 5054
28.11. Martin Zimmermann:Cost-Parity and Cost-Street Games
21.11. Stefan Repke: Regularity Problems for Weak Pushdown ω-Automata and Games
31.10. – 07.12. Topics in Timed Automata
8.11. – 9.11. Rolduc – Workshop

Thursday Friday
9.00 Departure in Aachen 9.00 – 10.00 Frank Lauterbach “Scientific Writing“
10.30 – 11.30 Stepane Le Roux: From Winning Strategy to Nash Equilibrium 10.15 – 11.15
11.45 – 12.30 Sten Grüner: Industrial Automation as a Playground for Formal Methods 11.30 – 12.30 Workgroup Coordination
Lunch Lunch
14.00 – 15.00 Christof Löding “The Antichain Method“ 14.00 Departure to Aachen
15.30 – 16.30 Sascha Geulen „Tutorial: Online Learning“
16.45 – 18.00 AlgoSyn Prestentation + Discussion


24.10. Tutorial: Online Algorithmen
10.10. Sebastian Biallas: Loop Leaping with Closures
26.09, 16.00 – 18.00 Promotionscafé Es geht um die Themen Elterngeld, Mutterschutz, Erziehungszeiten, finanzielle Situation
12.09. Paul Hänsch: Invariants for LTI Systems with Uncertain Input
19.09. Jan Oliver Ringert: Formal Specification and Verification of Structural Views for Component and Connector Architectures
03.09., 12.30 (!), Seminarroom I2 Florian Göbe: Synthesizing data structure grammars from separation logic predicates and vice versa
05.09. Ulrich Loup: SMT-RAT: An SMT-Compliant Non-linear Real Arithmetic Toolbox
Nils Jansen: Symbolic Counterexample Generation for Discrete-time Markov Chains
06.06. Dagstuhl Presentations: Thomas Stroeder, Simon Lessenich, Friedrich Gretz
16.05. Alin Ionascu, Ulrich Loup, Johanna Nellen, and Melanie Winkler: OASys: An Interdisciplinary DFG Project with Roots in AlgoSyn
02.05. Sebasian Biallas: Formal Verification of PLC-Code
25.04. Thomas Ströder: Synthesizing Term Rewrite Systems for Automated Complexity Analysis of Prolog Programs
04.04. Doron Peled: Knowledge based Synthesis of Control for Distributed Systems
21.03.12 Oliver Göbel: Algorithms for Combinatorial Auctions in Disk Graphs
29.02.12 B. Srivathsan (Labri Bordeaux, F): Zone-based verification of timed automata revisited, Room 5056 (!),
22.02.12 Daniel Neider: Regular Model Checking Using SAT and SMT Solvers
08.02.12 Marcus Gelderie: Strategy Machines and their Complexity
25.01.12 Simon Lessenich: A Counting Logic for Structure Transition Systems
09.11., 10:00 Friedrich Gretz: Operational Semantics for Sequential Probabilistic Programs
Marcus Gelderie: Optimal Representation of Strategies
26.10., 10:00 Johanna Nellen: Verification of Chemical Plants
Fabian Emmes: Automatically Analyzing Runtime Complexity via Term Rewriting
07.10. Excursion to the RWE power plant in Weisweiler

  • 12:15 Departure at parking place Mies-van-der-Rohe-Str.
  • 13:00 Guided tour through the power plant in Weisweiler
  • 15:00 Departure in Weisweiler, intermediate stop at sightseeing point “Indemann”
  • 17:00 Short scientific talk and buffet at Burg Obbendorf (Niederzier-Hambach)
  • 19:00 Departure towards AachenReturn: approx. 19:30 to 20:00
06.10. Gustavo Quierós: ACPLT + IEC 61131-3: A Flexible Object-oriented Automation Platform
01.10. Renewal of AlgoSyn Steering Committee
28.09. Paul Hänsch: Reachability in Linear Systems based on Eigenstructure Analysis
Dominique Gückel: Synthesis of State Space Generators for Model Checking Microcontroller Code
14.09. Bernd Puchala: Distributed Synthesis for Regular and Contextfree Specifications
17.08. Daniel Neider: Small Strategies for Safety Games
Wolfgang Thomas: A Bird’s-Eye View of Uniformization and Games
03.08. Nils Jansen: Computing Minimal Critical Subsystems for DTMCs
Miscellaneous Topics Moderated by Wolfgang Thomas
20.07. Diana Fischer: Model Checking the Quantitative Mu-calculus on Linear Hybrid Systems
Ulrich Loup: An SMT-compliant Solver for the Existential Fragment of Real Algebra
11.07. Humbold-Haus, RWTH; Karriere und was noch? (für Doktoranden/innen, eine Veranstaltung des CDS)
22.06. David Kampert: Modeling technical systems in Process Control Engineering
Sten Grüner: An Approach of Topology Analysis of Mesh Networks
26.05. Shaha Maoz and Oliver Ringert:Modal Object Diagrams
25.05. Shaha Maoz: AspectLTL: An Aspect Language for LTL Specifications
06.05. Herr Kukuschkin: Halbautoamtische Testung der Software LUKS (Leistungsuntersuchung von Knoten und Strecken) mit Hilfe des Werkzeugs TestComplete
09.05. Informatik Oberseminar
Michael Holtmann: Memory and Delay in Regular Infinite Games

Arnaud Sangnier (Paris 7), Parameterized Verification of Ad Hoc Networks

02.05. Informatik Oberseminar
M.Sc. Alexandru Mereacre: Verification of Continuous-Space Stochastic Systems
20.04 Marcus Gelderie: On the Complexity of Strategy Minimization in Street Games and
Sascha Geulen: Randomized Weighted Majority in the Continuous Setting
23. – 25.03.2011 AlgoSyn-Workshop in Dagstuhl
16.03.2011 Thomas Ströder: Term Rewrite System Synthesis for Termination Analysis of C Programs
23.02.2011 Andreas Classen: Modelling and Model Checking Software Product Lines
09.02.2011 Jörg Brauer: Existential Quantification as Incremental SAT
Ulrich Loup: GiNaCRA: A C++ Library for Real Algebraic Computations
20.01.11, 15:00 Talks of Applicants:

15:00 Oliver Göbel
15:30 Simon Lessenich
16:00 Sten Grüner
16:30 Friedrich Gretz
17:00 Achim Lindt
19.01.11, 10:00 Joint presentation with GK 643 (5052)
11.01.11, 14:00 Johanna Nellen and Marcus Gelderie, (Lecture Room I7)
09.12. Michaela Slaats: Higher-Order Stacks vs. Higher-Order Counter
Namit Chaturvedi: Characteristic properties of game graphs and strategy automata
8. 11. – 12.11. Sven Schewe, Liverpool
15.11. Informationsveranstaltung “Perspektiven und Chancen für NachwuchswissenschaftlerInnen – Karrieremöglichkeiten in Deutschland und Europa”, Universitätsclub in Bonn
11.11.-12.11.2010 AlgoSyn-Workshop in Rolduc:



9:00 Departure in Aachen 9:00 – 10:00 Joost-Pieter Katoen “Interactive Markov Chains: Theory and Practice”
10:00 – 10:45 Sven Schewe “Distributed Synthesis” 10:15 – 11:00 Bernhard Rumpe “Model Engineering Code Synthesis”
11:15 – 12:00 11:15 – 12:30



14:00 – 14:30 Alexandru Mereacre “Quantitative Automata Model Checking of Autonomous Stochastic Hybrid Systems”


Departure in Rolduc
14:45 – 15:30 Olga Tveretina “Binary Decision Diagrams Versus Resulution : a Complexity Analysis”
16:00 – 16:45 Sven Schewe “Distributed Synthesis”
17:00 – 17:45
02.11. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Burkhart Wolff, University Paris-Sud (Orsay) and Laboratoire de Recherche Informatique (CNRS)
28.10. Xin Chen: Reachability Analysis of Continuous Systems with Simple Dynamics und Jörg Brauer: Automatic Abstraction for Intervals using Boolean Formulae
14.10. Dr. Christof Löding: Introduction to visibly pushdown automata
Stefan Schulz: Finite-state strategies in visibly pushdown games
04.10. Excursion to Tagebau Hambach
30.09. Ulrich Loup: Podcast Production as Collaborative Access to Theoretical Computer Science
Jan Ringert: An Overview of Modeling and Specification of Interactive Distributed Systems
16.09. Rüdiger Ehlers, Uni Saarbrücken: Increasing the Scalability of LTL Synthesis: Generalized Rabin(1) Decision Procedures and Symbolic Bounded Synthesis and
Lukasz Kaiser, LuF I7: AlgoSyn Farewell Talk
02.09. Thomas Ströder: Program Synthesis for Termination Analysis
Carsten Fuhs: Synthesizing Shortest Linear Straight-Line Programs over GF(2) using SAT
9. – 13.08. Dr. Lars Olbrich: Tutorial No Regret Algorithms and Game Theory
19.08. Forian Caron, Christian Dehnert and Norbert Wiechowski
29.07. Dipl.-Inform. Frederic Weymann:Wie gut ist heuristische Disposition im Eisenbahnbetrieb? – Ein Vergleich von Praxisverfahren mit dem Optimum eines MIP-Modells
22.07. Dominique Gückel: A System for Synthesizing Abstraction-Enabled Simulators for Binary Code Verification
Florian Corzilius, (Forschungsstudent, Group of Hybrid Systems): A Lazy SMT-Solver for a

Non-Linear Subset of Real Algebra

20.05. Daniel Neider: Algorithmic Learning in Verification and SynthesisLars Olbrich: Aspects of Wardrop Equilibria and Sabrina von Styp
06.05. Kai Bollue: Synthesis of Behavioral Controllers for Discrete Event Systems with Augmented Petri Net Models
Diana Fischer: Logics for Quantitative Systems
20.05. Melanie Winkler: Regret Minimization for Online Buffering Problems
Paul Hänsch: Reachability Analysis of Linear Systems
06.05. Fabian Jarmolowitz: Fast Model Predictive Control for Combustion Instabilities
Bernd Puchala: Parity Games with Partial Information Played on Graphs of Bounded Complexity
22.04. Nils Jansen: DTMC Model Checking by SCC Reduction
Roman Rabinovich: Complexity Measures for Directed Graphs as Graph Searching Games
14.04. Daniel Neider: Learning to Win Reachability Games
18.02. W. Thomas: Automatentheorie: Eine Reise durch sieben Jahrzehnte
17.02.- 19.02 John Regehr, Associate Professor, University of Utah, USA: Safety analysis techniques for wireless embedded networks
22.02. Dr. Alessandro Abate: Stochastic Hybrid Systems – Formal Analysis and Computable Verification
28.01. Melanie Winkler: Online Learning Algorithms And Their Application For Controlling A Hybrid Car
28.01. Sascha Geulen: Online Interference Scheduling
27.01., 15:00 Michael Ummels (Oberseminar): Stochastic Multiplayer Games Theory and Algorithms
14.01. Ulrich Loup: Actuating Symbolically – A Case Study
14.01., 10:00 Sebastian Klabes: Algorithmic Railway Capacity Allocation in a Competitive European Railway Market
17.12.. Dr. Andy King, University of Kent: Verifying the Correctness of Bit-twiddling Code
17.12. Thomas Ströder: Termination Analysis and Algorithmic Synthesis of Schedulers
Stefan Schulz: Deciding Reachability over Infinite Graphs
03.12.. Michael Ummels: Decision Problems for Nash Equilibria in Stochastic Games
Lukasz Kaiser: Playing structure rewriting games with formulas on states
30.11. George B. Mertzios: Combinatorial Optimization and Recognition of Graph Classes with Applications to Related Models
19.11. Jacob Spönemann: Network Design of Railway Infrastructure
9.11.-11.11. 3-day-Lecture: Refinement, Probability and Security from Prof. Dr. Annabelle McIver, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
12.11. Sabrina von Styp: Towards a Theory for Timed and Symbolic Testing
05.11. Michael Holtmann: Degrees of Lookahead in Regular Infinite Games
22.10. Dominique Gückel: Synthesizing Simulators for Model Checking Microcontroller Assembly Code
15.10. Internal meeting at I7
07.10. Corporate event with B-IT Research School
08.10. Vaishak Belle: A Logic for Games with Imperfect Information
10.09. Daniel Klink: Compositional Abstraction for Stochastic Systems
03.09. Melanie Winkler: Economical Caching With Stochastic Prices?
31.08. Carsten Kern: Learning Communicating and Nondeterministic Automata
23.07. Tobias Harks: Strong Nash Equilibria in Games with the Lexicographic Improvement Property
16.07. Jörg Bauer: Static Analysis for Model-Checking Assembly Code
02.07. Paul Hänsch: Synthesis of Discrete Reactive Systems
Lars Olbrich: Doing Good with Spam is Hard
29.06. Dr. Martin Leucker: “Don’t know” for Multi-Valued Systems
22.- 24. 06. Workshop on Systems
Software Verification (SSV 09)
8.6. – 10.6. Dagstuhl-Workshop
28.05. Thomas Sturm, Universidad de Cantabria, Santander, Spain: Combining Algebraic Reasoning with Propositional Solvers
27.05. Ulrich Loup: Synthesis of Discrete-Continuous Systems using SMT Solving
Kai Bollue: Synthesis of behavioural controllers for discrete event systems with augmented Petri nets
14.05. Alexandru Mereacre: Quantitative Model Checking of Continuous-Time Markov Chains Against Timed Automata Specifications
06.05. Benjamin Aminof: Reasoning about Online Algorithms with Weighted Automata
30.04. Daniel Klink: Time-Bounded Reachability in Tree-Structured QBDs by Abstraction
17.04. Werkbesichtigung INEOS Köln
16.04. Sebastian Klabes: Optimisation Models in Railway Engineering: Object Oriented Modeling vs. Mathematical Programming
19.03. Georgos Mertzios: Die Begrenzung des “Fehlers” in der kombinatorischen Optimierung
Lukasz Kaiser: Analyzing Structure Rewriting Systems
05.03. Thomas Schlechte, Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik, Berlin: Trassenbörse/ Trassenvergabe im Bahnverkehr
12.02. Prof. Abel, Seminarraum IRT (!): Regelungstechnik: Von der “hidden” zur “enabling” Technology
05.02. W. Thomas: Wer suchet, der findet? – Ueber den Existenzquantor in der Informatik, afterwards dedication of AlgoSyn-Bookscorner un
03.02. Frau Prof. Goltz, Braunschweig : Synchrone und Asynchrone Interaktion in verteilten Systemen
29.01. Ulrich Loup: Decision Problems over the Domain of the Real Numbers
Christof Löding: Tolerant Strategies in Infinite Games
08.01. Frank Rademacher: Sabotage Games
Michaela Slaats: Lösung parameterisierter Spiele
18.12. Martin Mertens: Automatisierte Identifikation und Verwendung von Anlagenkontexten
18.12. Gustavo Quirós: Model-based analysis and safety monitoring of product flow paths
04.12. Andrea D’Ariano, Delft University of Technology: Improving Real-Time Train Dispatching: Models, Algorithms and Applications
26.11. Angelo Fanelli: Fast Convergence to Nearly Optimal Solutions in Linear Congestion Games
20.11. Diana Fischer: Quantitative Logics and Games
19.11, 26.11, 3.12, 10.12.. Lukazs Kaiser: Graphmodelle und Quantitative Logik
06.11 Prof. Thomas: Einführung in Reviewing
13. – 14 11. GK-Workshop in Wassenberg
20.11. Presentation from Erika Abraham
30.10. Dominique Gückel: Synthesis of hardware simulators for use in model checking
Melanie Winkler: Online Algorithms For Buying Resources With Stochastic Prices
18.09. and 15.09. Carsten Weise: Einführung in UPPAAL
30.07 Kai Bollue: Plant modelling and controller synthesis with augmented Petri nets
02.07 Prof. Thomas: Center for Doctoral Studies + GK-Programm
09.07. Dr. M. Weber, TU Twente: A Multi-core Solver for Parity Games A Multi-core Solver for Parity Games
02.07 Dr. Lohwasser, JARA: Der erfolgreiche DFG-Antrag
26.06. Lukasz Kaiser, Mathematische Grundlagen der Informatik: Logic and Games on Automatic Structures: Logic and Games on Automatic Structures
25.06 Workshop: Scientific Writing + Presenting
28.05 Rob M.P. Goverde, Delft University of Technology: Timetable stability analysis using stochastic max-plus linear systems
28.05. Alexandru Mereacre, Software Modeling and Verification: Verifying Inhomogenous Markov Chains
14.05. Prof. Wolfgang Thomas: Introduction in Max-Plus-Algebra
30.04. Daniel Klink: Abstraction for Stochastic Systems by Erlang’s Method of Stages
Tobias Zangmeister: A wavelet-based location referencing strategy for digital maps in navigation systems
16.04. Lars Olbrich: Sensitivity of Wardrop Equilibria
Dr. Manuela Bujorianu, Universiteit Twente, NL: Emergent Models in the Theory of Hybrid Systems
02.04. Prof. Thomas: How to win weak games
Sebastian Klabes: Computing the Train Timetabling Problem Efficiently
04.04. Kolloquium: 75. Birthday of Prof. Dr. Walter Oberschelp
19.03 Dr. Jeremy Sproston, University Turin: Model checking CSLTA: Using timed automata to specify properties of stochastic systems
05.03 Carsten Weise, I11: Proving Correctness of an Efficient Abstraction for Interrupt Handling
20.02 Dr. Robert Lorenz, University Eichstätt: Synthesis of Petri nets from Scenarios
13.01. Lukasz Kaiser joint work with Diana Fischer and Erich Grädel: Quantitative Systems, Model Logics and Games
23.01. Stephan Swiderski: Proving Termination by Bounded Increase
08.01 – 24.01 Lecture Martin Hoefer: Mechanism Design
09.01. Dr. Dragan Bosnacki, TU Eindhoven: Multi-Core Model Checking
05.12. Jakob Spönemann: Online-Algorithmen für die Steuerung des Motor-Lichtmaschine-Systems: Entwicklung und Analyse
Dr. B. Bollig, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan: “Synthesis and Analysis of Timed Communicating Systems”
21.11. Wolfgang Thomas: Church’s Problem after 50 years
7.11. Martin Hoefer: Stackelberg Network Pricing Games
24.10. Klaus Reinhardt (IBM Zurich): Logikaspekte in Petrinetzen mit Inhibitorkanten
17.10. Dr. Hagen Voelzer (IBM Zurich): Defining Fairness and Fairly Correct Systems
08.-09.10. Workshop in Rolduc
26.09. Sebastian Klabes und David N. Jansen: Are ETCS Simulations Realistic?
05.09. George Mertzios: Fundamental complexity classes and Nash equlibria
Michael Ummels: The Complexity of Finding Nash Equilibria in Infinite Multiplayer Games
22.08. W. Thomas: The “wqo-method”: What are well-quasi orderings and how to apply them and Why are simple questions about channel machines undecidable?
01.08. Dr. F. Chevalier, Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan: Decidability of Real-Time Logics
25.07. Prof. J.-F. Raskin, Freie Universität Bruessel: Solving games of imperfect information
04.-06.06. Workshop in Dagstuhl
18.04. Martin Höfer: Near-optimal Cost Sharing with Selfish Agents
04.04. Professor Wendler und Bernd Schmidt: Presentation des VIA
07.12. Lukasz Kaiser: Memory for Infinitary Games
Michael Ummels: Algorithmic Theory of Multiplayer


26.10. Gustavo Quiros: Decentralised Automatic Switching and Securing of Product Paths in Processing Plants
06.09.2006 Daniel Klink (geb. Willems): Abstraction for continuous-time Markov chains
Joost-Pieter Katoen: Continous-Time Markov Chains


Events before 2013