Automatic Test-Case Derivation and Execution in Industrial Control


Sabrina von Styp

Title Automatic Test-Case Derivation and Execution in Industrial Control
When 60.06.2013, 10:00
Where Room 5052
Abstract In industrial automation software controls systems which failure can be critical and expensive. Testing this software is very crucial but so far done manually, an expensive and not

very thorough method. Model-based testing is an emerging concept in computer science for automatically testing a real implementation. It uses a formal specification to verify the correctness of the implementation by observing its response to certain inputs.

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This presentation presents how to use model-based testing in industrial automation. In detail it shows how the known concepts such as sequential function charts, used in industrial automation to describe a system, can be translated to a format that is required for model-based testing, including an automatic derivation of test-cases and its execution. The practical use of this concept is presented in two case-studies.