A Counting Logic for Structure Transition Systems


Simon Lessenich (LuF Informatik 7)

Title A Counting Logic for Structure Transition Systems
When 25.01.2012, 10:00
Where Room 5052
Abstract Quantitative questions such as “what is the maximum number of tokens in a place of a Petri net?” or “what is the maximal reachable height of the stack of a pushdown automaton” play a significant role in understanding models of computation. To study such problems in a systematic way, we introduce structure transition systems on which one can define logics that mix temporal expressions (e.g. reachability) with properties of a state (e.g. the height of the stack). We propose a counting logic Qmu[# MSO] which allows to express questions like the ones above, and also many boundedness problems studied so far. We show that Qmu[# MSO] has good algorithmic properties, in particular we generalize two standard methods in model checking, decomposition on trees and model checking through parity games, to this quantitative logic.

These properties are used to prove decidability of Qmu[# MSO] on tree-producing pushdown systems, a generalization of both pushdown systems and regular tree grammars.

Joint work with Lukasz Kaiser