Time-Bounded Reachability in Tree-Structured QBDs by Abstraction


Daniel Klink

Title Time-Bounded Reachability in Tree-Structured QBDs by Abstraction
When 30.04.2009, 15:00
Where Lecture Room Informatik 11
This talk presents quantitative model checking of infinite tree-like (continuous-time) Markov chains. These tree-structured quasi-birth death processes are equivalent to probabilistic pushdown automata and recursive Markov chains and are widely used in the field of performance evaluation.  We determine time bounded reachability probabilities in these processes – which with direct methods, i.e., uniformization, results in  an exponential blow-up – by applying abstraction. We contrast abstraction based on Markov decision processes (MDPs) and interval-based abstraction; study various schemes to partition the state space, and empirically show their influence on the accuracy of the obtained reachability probabilities. Results show that grid-like schemes, in contrast to chain- and tree-like ones, yield extremely precise approximations for rather coarse abstractions.
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