OASys: An Interdisciplinary DFG Project with Roots in AlgoSyn


Alin Ionascu, Ulrich Loup, Johanna Nellen, and Melanie Winkler

Title OASys: An Interdisciplinary DFG Project with Roots in AlgoSyn
When 16.05.2012, 10:00
Where Room 5052
Abstract OASys is the acronym for the DFG project “Online Algorithms for Optimal Control of Hybrid Propulsion Systems” proposed by three AlgoSyn institutions in January 2011: the group Theory of Hybrid Systems (I2), the Chair of Computer Science 1 (I1), and the Institut für Regelungstechnik (IRT).
The project aims at the development and improvement of methods for the optimization of hybrid propulsion systems with a focus on energy efficiency.Our model of a hybrid propulsion system pursues the approach of a parallel hybrid, i.e., the combustion engine and the electric engine share the same drive shaft. This opens many possibilities for the optimization of energy consumption.

In our optimization approach, we consider a competitive environment in which different optimization techniques compete against each other. The choice of which optimization technique is used in a specific period of time is performed by an online learning algorithm: During runtime, this algorithm shall learn which strategy fits best.

OASys is an interdisciplinary project in the spirit of AlgoSyn. Although it will start in October 2012, we are able to present a preliminary model of a parallel hybrid, implemented in MATLAB Simulink in the context of a recent Master thesis. A demonstration of this model will be part of the talk.