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We keep precious memories of a theses great scientists, colleagues, and advisors.



Former scholarship holders

          • Melanie Winkler, Research Topic: Probabilistic Analysis of the Performance of Online Algorithms
          • Diana Fischer, Research Topic: Logics for Quantitative Systems
          • Kai Bollue, Research Topic: Algorithmische Synthese von Verhaltenssteuerungen für diskrete Systeme
          • Markus Gelderie, Research Topic: Trategy Representation and Optimization
          • Dominique Gückel, Research Topic: Synthesis of Hardware Simulators for Use in Model Checking
          • Paul Hänsch, Research Topic: Reachability Analysis of Dynamic and Hybrid Systems
          • Gerlind Herberich, Research Topic: Algorithmic Synthesis of Hybrid Control Systems
          • Dr. Michael Holtmann, Research Topic: The Complexity of Winning Strategies in Infinite Games
          • Ulrich Loup, Control Synthesis and Optimization Using Real Algebraic SMT-Solving
          • Dr. Sebastian Klabes, Research Topic: Models for Capacity Planning of Large Railway Nodes and Networks
          • Dr. Daniel Klink, Research Topic: Konstruktion zeitkontinuierlicher Markov-Entscheidungsprozesse
          • Simon Lessenich, Research Topic: Logic and Strategy Construction in Infinite Games
          • Dr. Alexandru Mereacre, Research Topic: Time-Inhomogeneous Markov Chains and Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes
          • Martin Mertens, Research Topic: Modellierung und Verarbeitung von Anlagenmerkmalen
          • Daniel Neider, Research Topic: Algorithmic Learning in Verification and Synthesis
          • Dr. Gustavo Quirós, Research Topic: Model-based Decentralised Automatic Management of Product Flow Paths in Processing Plants
          • Stefan Repke, Research Topic: Finite State Strategies on Infinite Game Graphs
          • Jan Oliver Ringert, Research Topic: Specification and Refinement of Dataflow Architectures
          • Dr. Michaela Slaats, Research Topic: Aspects of Higher-Order Pushdown Systems — Infinite Regular Games and Strategies
          • Jacob Spönemann, Research Topic: The Network Design Problem for Railway Infrastructure
          • Stefan Swiderski, Research Topic: Termersetzungstechniken zur Synthese, Simulation, Transformation und Analyse von Prozessen
          • Dr. Michael Ummels, Research Topic: Algorithmic Theory of Multiplayer Games

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